First CBSE School – Udumalpet

Welcome to Anugragha International School


Anugragha International School is a co-educational, day school that offers modern facilities of the highest order.


Kindergarten programs are designed to improve your child’s development.


Pre-primary education helps in developing concentration in children.

Upper Primary

Students participate in engaging lessons that expand their interests and maintain their learning momentum.


To more advanced and specific subjects that lay a good academic foundation.

Senior Secondary

Student learns independent learning skills, sets and achieves goals, and participates in the larger community.

First CBSE School – Udumalpet

Anugragha International School

Anugragha International School is a co-educational, day school that offers modern facilities of the highest order. Providing Education in a holistic manner at the same time ensuring excellence in all its aspects is the hallmark of Anugragha International School, Thungavi, Madathukulam. The school is turning out to be a catalyst for change in the educational sector.


The school campus offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and aesthetics.

A School Facilities



The spacious and well-ventilated classrooms.

Computer Lab

A well-equipped Computer lab with all facilities is made access to students to upgrade themselves technologically.


School Transport

Our School provides safe bus transportation to students who wish to avail this facility.


School Offers

Extra-curricular activities help students to learn about themselves and develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts. School not only teaches the lessons in book and also teaches various extra-curricular activities to refresh their mind, enhance their creativity, boost their immunity, etc.,

Indoor Games

Chess for kids is one of those cool extracurricular activities that make them smarter and also help in their holistic development.

Martial Art
Martial Art

Silambam Martial art originated from Tamil Nadu in South India. Learning Silambam increases self-confidence and concentration.

A quality karate program for kids also teaches the benefits of teamwork, discipline, memorization and the importance of healthy habits and physical fitness.

Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games

As a matter of fact, playing sports teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork.

Modern Painting
Modern Painting

Arts education helps to develop creativity and critical thinking skills. It teaches students to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions.