Every child can learn and equally worth.
Children should be encouraged to think and not just memorize.
Education imparted in school should be realistic and practical.
Multiple Intelligence need to be tapped and encouraged to develop the innate talents of every child.
Indian culture and spiritual quotient should be at the root of a global curriculum leading to socially responsible and patriotic individuals.
Students, their homes and school should share the responsibility for the learning and other aspects of developing one’s personality.


The cornerstone of Anugragha International School program is “academic excellence” beyond the books. We promote a practical approach making a visible connection between learning and life.

At Anugragha International School, we believe that every child is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled and we help them bring out their best.

Anugragha International School also adequately emphasizes on values by preparing children to not just emphasizes on values by preparing children to not just make a living but make a meaningful life wherever they go.