Anugraghan Etiquettes

  • Greet the Principal and Staff members in the morning and bid good bye while leaving.
  • Stand up respectfully and welcome the teacher who enters the classroom.
  • Be invariably sociable and friendly with people in and out of the school.
  • Avoid rudeness in one’s expression and practice.
  • Enthusiastically accept the assigned work and execute it with commitment.
  • Assist any un attended visitors that she/he may happen to meet in the school premises.
  • Be considerate to all and adopt sports man spirit with other team members.
  • Respect elders especially parents and teachers.
    Be spick and span and avoid littering in the school compound.
  • Take advantage of the library facility and allow others to use it by returning the books in good condition and on time.
  • Always use the golden words such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ when ever required.
  • Say ‘may I come in’ before entering a private room, class room or office.
  • Above all, always keep smiling and be positive.